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Mitsuo in magazine article

In the December issue of Anime Insider, the magazine lists its ten favorite manga crossdressers. Mitsuo is one of their choices. (The choices aren't a numbered list.) Here's the text for Mitsuo's entry:

Mitsuo Shiozu
The Set Up:
Rather than move away from his more-than-friend Hasanuma, Mitsuo finds a tempting job offer — for women only. He swallows his pride and applies to be a maid for the Sanjaya family, but what will he do when his beautiful boss Niro falls for him?
The Get Up: Ooh-la-la! Mitsuo's a French dream in a =a black dress with frilly lace apron and a très chic little cap. His cute pigtails and wire-frame glasses make him look innocent; ironic, since French maid outfits are so darned naughty.

The article has a picture of Mitsuo dressed in the maid uniform. Personally, I liked Hasanuma's Valentine's Day outfit better than this one.

If you're curious about the other crossdressers in the list, here they are:

** Isabella (Paradise Kiss, no clear explanation of why he's wearing what he's wearing)
** Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura, as Sleeping Beauty for the school play)
** Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket, modeling at the school cultural fair)
** Nuriko (Fushigi Yugi, as part of Hotohori's harem)
** Satoshi Hiwatari (D-N-Angel, dressed for a role in a commercial)
** Kazahaya Kudo (Legal Drug, wearing a school girl uniform)
** Mitsuo Shiozu (Eerie Queerie!, pretending to be a maid in order to earn money)
** Shuichi Shindou (Gravitation, believes that Yuki will like him better if he's dressed as a girl)
** Makoto Narita (W Juliet, pretending to be female to convince his father that he can be a good actor)
** Arakune (Angel Sanctuary, has the heart of a woman despite his male body)
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