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I'm supposed to be doing my AP Environmental Science homework right now...

Well, this shows you what my priorities are.

I'm a lurker, I've been looking at this community for a while, and finally got the impulse to join. Big Kanau fan!! ^.^ My friend and I got into an argument about that actually, 'cause she hates him for the whole -pushing * out window- thing, and I love to death. I've read all four, way too short, by borrowing them from aforementioned friend. We recently started an animce club at our school (co-pres. yeah!! :3) and next week we're gonna have a yaoi discussion!! It's so great!

Ok, I have nothing to offer. Seeing as I am supposed to be doing my AP homework, (every night damnit!) I've had no time to write any good fanfiction. But I'll post it as soon as I do. (Though I'm more of a Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction writer really... if you can't tell from the icon. ^.^) Now, please forgive me for my rambling, not that many of you probably all of read that.

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