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[Fic] Candy (Hasunuma/Mitsuo)

I saved my pairing at 30_kisses! :D Bear in mind it's a while since I wrote for EQ, so I hope it's not way off! *cough* Also, imagine this happens after volume 3. Volume 4 never happened, you got it? >.o

Title: Candy (I was naming these by theme, but as this uses two I'll go with the more sensible choice)
Author: elyndys
Pairing: Hasunuma/Mitsuo (with student body president -> Hasunuma)
Fandom: Eerie Queerie
Theme: #4 - our distance and that person; #23 - candy
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.

"Oi, Hasunuma – looks like he's here again."

"Oh god, again?" Hasunuma rolled his eyes, turning to look at the student body president who was leering in a most smug fashion.

Mitsuo found it almost offensive, how he kept skulking around with his handsome face and air of perversion. He scowled. "I'm sick of him, why does he keep following us like this?"

Ichi smirked. "Cos he fancies Hasunuma, of course! And I've heard there's no discouraging him, once he has his eye on someone."

Hasunuma scowled. "Shut up. I'll go see what he wants."

"You'll get the same answer you always do!"

With a swift flick to Ichi's forehead, Hasunuma departed. Mitsuo almost wanted to stop him – point out that if he went over there, that filthy-minded guy would just try whatever new method of seduction he'd come up with since the last rejection – but, if he did, what reason could he give? He didn't know why it bothered him so much, but the thought of Hasunuma going out with that perv made him feel uneasy and angry and nervous all at once. Mitsuo had a sneaking suspicion there was a word for that combination of emotions, but surely it couldn't be right – he couldn't be jealous, could he?

He wished he could hear what they were saying, but they were too far away; he had to make do with watching anxiously as the president put a far-too-friendly arm round Hasunuma's shoulders, smiling in a way Mitsuo found impossibly creepy. Mitsuo felt a tiny, secret relief when Hasunuma was as cold as ever to the guy, though this didn't seem to deter him much: he pressed a small package into Hasunuma's hands, and Mitsuo felt a sharp spike of something he didn't care to identify when the president actually leant in and kissed Hasunuma on the cheek!

The whole thing was over in a couple of minutes, and Mitsuo was glad to see the president walk away with a sickening little wave in their direction.

"So, what was it this time?"

"Same old thing – go out to a movie, dinner, back to his place… but this time he was concentrating more on that last bit, trying to convince me of his prowess." Hasunuma grimaced. "And he gave me these." He showed them the package, a small box of chocolates. "Obviously wants to make it clear I'm aware he'd be the man in our relationship." Hasunuma's expression was of deep distaste, and Mitsuo's wasn't much better.

"Why don't you go out with him, Hasunuma? After all, he can clearly offer you things we can't." Ichi snickered, and dodged the blow Hasunuma aimed at him. Undeterred, he continued. "He's pretty good-looking! And you can't say he's not trying hard."

Mitsuo stared in horror. It was true - the president had pursued them almost every day for two weeks now, and surely that level of persistence had to count for something. "You… wouldn't fall for that, would you?" He winced inside at how pathetic that sounded.

Hasunuma looked at him, his initial look of surprise being overtaken by a slow grin. "Well, I guess it depends…" He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I'm getting tired of having to get rid of him every day, maybe I'll take him up on his offer sometime. It'd shut him up, anyway, and besides, I've heard he must be pretty rich – these are fancy chocolates…"


Ichi and Hasunuma stared.

Mitsuo flushed. "Er – I mean – he's… y'know, sleazy! He goes after all the good-looking guys, he's a playboy!"

Hasunuma smiled. "Yeah, I know, he's not really my type, is he?" He winked at Mitsuo, who coloured further. "I prefer sweet, loyal, innocent guys."

"What, so you can corrupt them?"

Mitsuo was grateful for the interruption, because, if Hasunuma was glaring at Ichi, he couldn't be looking at Mitsuo in that way that made him worry about what Hasunuma was going to do… and even more worried that he might like it.

The next day, when the student body president was waiting for them after school, Mitsuo grabbed hold of Hasunuma's sleeve and marched them away, glowering over his shoulder.

The day after that, the student body president didn't bother Hasunuma at all. Mitsuo smugly pronounced that he'd been right, the president was just a fickle player – but that did little to console Ichi, who found a single red rose in his locker, and a familiar figure waiting outside his classroom.

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