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um... yo ^_^

hiya, I just joined this community.

I'm a londoner who fave characters are Kanau and Mitsuo (cause they are both so cute X3).
I first bought the first volume because of my friends who saw the manga in the shop and dared me to buy it, which was embaressing at the time cause the guy at the counter gave me a weird look and after I paid for it, he asked me loudly if gay porn turns me on (I ran out the shop after this comment with the book *cringes*). but after reading EQ I ended up being hooked! okay maybe you didn't really want to know about that, sorry ^^'

I love Eerie Queerie though I haven't read the 4th volume yet (but its coming to the UK this week so YAY!)
so, I hope I have fun in this community ^_^
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