Caspian (punkheid) wrote in eerie_queerie,


First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but I didn't see anything in the rules saying it isn't so I'll go ahead.

My friend and I have recently started The Anti Flame Society, anti_flame, which, you've guessed it, is anti-flame. We both loath seeing new writers get told they should go and die, or learn to read, or just that they generally suck. The main purpose of the community is for people to show that they agree with the principle and asap, I'll be making banners and icons which will hopefully be good enough for you to put in your user info. The reason I'm putting this up here when it's blatantly nothing to do with Eerie Queerie, is that loads of you are writers and so, unfortunately, some of you might have been flamed for no good reason.

Please help spread the lurve and conrit!

(And feel free to delete this if it's inappropriate.)
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